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Unlocking the true power of ownership 

through innovation and human ingenuity

PYONEAR is a pioneer: the first-ever Blockchain-based Legaltech, providing a wide range of Decentralized Legal end-to-end solutions and services.

PYONEAR is a BaaS (Blockchain-as-a-service) & Mobile solutions company on a mission to preserve ownership in the digital age.

Unlocking the true power of ownership by using Blockchain technology

What if we could evolve industries to re-think ownership and value?

Create new revenue streams?


And what if we could ensure the authenticity and protect any kind of high-value property (luxury items, art, cars...)?  


Protect trademarks and significant creations?

Revolutionize Real Estate transactions?

Secure digital identities and personal data?


What if we could do this—and so much more— using the incredible power of Blockchain technology?

PYONEAR is disrupting the traditional Legal world, leading the change toward more accessible, transparent, and simple Legal services: a trusted Blockchain-based Legal ecosystem with less intermediaries and associated costs.

PYONEAR relies on the most-advanced and powerful emerging technologies paving the way for a new conception of the Legal industry.

Laying the first brick for a Decentralized Legal ecosystem 

PYONEAR is the first defense for Luxury Industries Players, Brands, Art owners, Digital Media Creators, End-consumers to authenticate and protect their ownership and identity in the decentralized digital space.

PYONEAR is structured around 4 verticals so far: Luxury, Art, Digital Media, and Real Estate.


PYONEAR LUXURY is built for Top Brands & Fashion Houses, as well as leading resellers.

PYONEAR LUXURY provides the most advanced certification solution for Luxury Industry players by securing a Luxury item’s identity, authenticity and ownership data within a Digital Certificate. 

These Authenticity Certificates provide unique value opportunities, from increased consumer confidence, exclusive experiences, new ways of interaction, and ultimately, additional revenue streams to new services for owners.



PYONEAR ART is led and governed by the most influential global participants in the Art market.

Tailored to the needs of the fine art community, the PYONEAR certification platform enables the Art world to safeguard its inventory and archive documentation of factual and reputable sources associated with the items in a secure, transparent and decentralized environment.


Led by the world’s most creative producers of content.

PYONEAR DIGITAL MEDIA enables influencers, artists, creative talent and individuals to activate their social capital on the Blockchain and keep their digital property safe, findable and tradable.


The future is here

Explore the time and cost benefits of blockchain, as well as increased security and transparency that blockchain technology could drive across the purchase and sale process.


By the importance of the assets and flows concerned and the plethora of documents generated, real estate seems to be in perfect harmony with blockchain technology.

A few of our 

We partner with brands and talent, rich in cultural currency, and offer a bespoke partnership that designs and delivers the optimal path for you and your community

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Hannan Otmani

CEO, Legal Advisor

  • Former Head of EMEA Legal Department, Global DPO and Board Member with more than 15 years of experience in the largest IT technology services and telecommunication companies in the world.

  • Author of 2 published Books: "Thrènes des loups" and "Les racines du paradis"

  • Founding President at DeLeX Consortium, a non-profit Organization, dedicated to building the first-ever Decentralized Legal ecosystem.

Hannan is renowned for holding diverse roles that makes her a driving force in the legal and new Tech community.

photo_2022-06-29 13.10.35.jpeg

David Guirand

Head of Research and General Technology


David is the Head of Pyonear Research and directs the general Technology, AI and digital entitlements sectors of the business.

He was previously VP IT at Google, leading  the global technical services in California for more than 24 years.

Grégory Maignan

GM, Luxury Strategy advisor


Gregory is a French-American brand specialist within the luxury industry, with 15+ years of experience, notably in the US.

Co-Founder of GOAT Boost gaming Platform.

Gregory's work is recognized in the Web3 and Crypto community, in which he worked on many researches on how to ally Artificial intelligence and trading.

It takes the right team—diverse in its skills, opinions and geography—to pioneer a global mission.

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